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Last week , on 26 th February at 8.30, we set off on our trip to Navarredonda ( Gredos ) . We were going to spend three days in Gredos Centre one year more ( It ´s our seventh year attending Gredos Centre), We were 35 pupils from the First Cycle and three teachers : Roberto, Alba and Inmaculada. There, our pupils could enjoy  awsome views, delicious food, entertaining activities and games and of course, wonderful , friendly and welcoming staff .
Here you can watch some of the photos that show how muh fun they had and the great variety of activities they partcipated in : ecologycal walk, archery, games, aerobic etc.
The experience again has been great. 
Thanks a lot to all of you , teachers and pupils. 
We hope you enjoy the pictures we took.​